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Tangerinas & Pêssegos, design de interiores no Porto

Online consultation

Ideal service for anyone looking for professional help on a specific matter - we will help you by clarifying doubts or proposing solutions to a specific issue. 

Please note that this is an express service. The time we will spend will be more limited than in any of the other services we have. 

Select, from the list below, one or more options / by room: 

  • Fixed lighting selection (walls and/or ceilings);

  • Mobile lighting selection (table and/or floor lamps);

  • Selection of wall and ceiling colours;

  • Wall and ceiling colour selection and wallpaper selection

  • Space distribution in plant.* Specific for those who want to change the layout of the space or position it in a new space. We will exclusively indicate the volumes and the most favorable orientation. *without specific indication of brands, references, furniture finishes oi ilumination. 

  • Selection of decorative textiles (cushions and/or rugs);

  • Curtain / blind type selection with fabric suggestion. It may be pre-purchased curtains or blinds or advice on the ideal model to be produced. 


Fill in our form, indicating the intended service, be specific. Ex: Online consultation - selection of fixed lighting - selection of fixed lighting for a room. We will then send you our fee proposal. After acceptance and adjudication, we will request the necessary elements. 

After receiving all the elements, the proposal will be sent within a maximum period of one week. 

Do you have a project? Get in touch to schedule your service:

What this service does not include:

- Site visits;

- Face-to-face presentations;

- Any type of change to the submitted proposal; 

- Suggestion of other elements in addition to what was initially requested;

- Budgets;

- Any type of installation or assembly; 

- Production of any kind, be it furniture, curtains or lighting. 

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