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Do it yourself: partition and storage

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

In this Tangerinas & Pêssegos interior design project, our clients asked for our help to create a space on the entrance floor, between the garage and the garden. As it was a very large space with no divisions and no closets, we created two solutions that you can also replicate in your home. We will explain everything in this post.


We made a structure in sisal rope to serve as a partition between the living/work space and the garage. This structure is aesthetically appealing and serve as a support for vases and kokedamas..

We designed this structure taking into account the dimensions of the space, the needs of our customers and, of course, our style. We did two studies for the structure, with two different string designs.

As the intention was to give more privacy to the workspace, we opted for the second design, with more rope and a tighter weave.

To build this structure we use:

  • Two wooden bars about 1.40 m wide x 0.10 cm deep and 4 cm thick each;

  • Sisal rope;

  • 28 black “Borghamn” knobs from Ikea.

Structure construction:

  1. Sand the wooden bars with fine sandpaper - in order to remove any splinters;

  2. Mark and fix the 14 “Borghamn” handles on each wooden bar - in this case, we leave a gap of about 6 cm between them;

  3. Mark the location of the wooden bars - you can use a measuring laser, so that they are parallel - and fix one to the floor and one to the ceiling;

  4. Make the weave with the sisal rope - passing it through the holes in the handles, following the design you prepared previously.

The final result of this partition/screen worked very well. In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, it added more comfort to the workspace. We were also able to include our client's bicycle in the design of the space, in a subtle and practical way.

Storage composition using the Ikea "IVAR" system:

Our customers needed a large storage space (which took up a large part of the wall), functional and economical.

After several designs and studies, we found the ideal solution for the space: an “IVAR” system with a total width of about 4 m, modulated by our atelier.

The system resulted in a combination of empty and full spaces. In this way, we created hidden storage spaces (for less aesthetic objects) and more visible spaces, where customers could place decorative objects, plants, books, etc.

As we had planned to paint the back wall in a dark color (Sépia #E348, from CIN), we found it interesting to combine modules in black and others in their natural color (pine) - creating dynamics and visual interest.

Process - assembly of the "Ivar" composition.

When we acquired the elements, we ran into a problem. Some of the vertical pieces finished in black were out of stock and they didn't give us an estimated arrival date. We chose to make a practical decision: buy the pieces in a natural tone and paint them black.

We use the following "IVAR" combination:

  • 4 structures of 80 x 50 x 118 cm;

  • 4 structures of 80 x 30 x 179 cm;

  • 2 structures of 80 x 50 x 226 cm;

  • 17 shelves with different depths;

  • 1 closet with 2 doors;

  • 1 module with 3 drawers;

  • 3 sets of pine and rattan doors.

Did you like our ideas? Share your results on social media with: #dicasdedesigntangerinasepessegos

See more photos of this project at:


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