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"Tangerinas & Pêssegos" decoration project

Updated: May 19, 2023

A decoration project, without the accompaying part.

This service is ideal for those who want the help of a professional in drawing up a decoration project, but like to "get hands-on" and manage the process, from start to finish.

Our studio prepares a detailed study for the space, to scale, with the selection of all the elements that will be part of the project. This detailed study will be carried out within a budget previously established by you.

After the presentation of the decoration project, you can start dealing with the orders and manage the process as it suits you. We do the project, and you implement it!

Example of a double bedroom decoration project, carried out in 2018 by our atelier

Who is this service ideal for:

Would you like to make your space profitable with the help of a decorator, avoiding mistakes that could be costly to you in the long run, but you like to take care of the orders? Then this service is ideal for you!

Remember that a professional will plan and optimise your space(s) in ways you never thought of before. The money you invest in hiring a professional will certainly pay off, whether for your own home or when you think of selling or renting your property.

How it works:

- Send us an email or contact us on +351 911806991 indicating the room or rooms for wich you need our help;

- After sending our fee proposal and its acceptance, we will schedule a visit in person to the space;

- In this single visit we survey the space (rectify measurements, photographic survey, etc.), and meet to understand your expectations, tastes, in short, we obtain as much information as possible so that when we present the decoration project, we hit the nail on the head with your taste!

- After the on-site visit and meeting we develop the decoration project, through plan studies made to scale, moodboards and explanatory elevations. We include a list and quotation of all the elements that are part of the project, according to a previously defined budget;

- After the project presentation meeting (online), and sending of all drawings and budget, you can start placing orders and proceed with the project! From us, the decoration project is completed.

Here are some recent examples of decoration projects carried out by our office:

  • Bedroom decoration project in V.N.Gaia (O'Porto)

Decoration project: Atelier Tangerinas & Pêssegos

Room: Double bedroom

Year: 2018

Location: V.N.Gaia, O'Porto

Our client contacted us because she needed help creating a comfortable and cosy double bedroom in a space that was previously a living room. For this, we suggested our decoration project.

All the studies were done by our office and sent by email to the client.

These "studies" included style moodboards, elevations and scale plans, presented in a simple and practical way so that later the decoration project could be easily developed by the client.

Before & After images of this decoration project, kindly provided by our client

  • Living room decoration project in Maia (O'Porto)

Decoration project: Atelier Tangerinas & Pêssegos

Room: Common room

Year: 2021

Location: City of Maia, O'Porto

Living room moodboard

A couple asked our help to decorate the common room of their flat, in the city of Maia.

They had doubts about the ideal distibution and layout for the living room, taking maximum advantage of the space.

One of the great advantages of this project was undoubtedly the optimization of space. We were able to create distinct zones and organize the living room in a balanced way, taking advantage of the solar exposure and architecture of the flat.

Plan with location of decorative elements

Our office prepared blueprints with the location of the decorative elements, elevations to scale with the location of the furniture pieces, moodboards and listing and budgeting of all the pieces. All these elements were presented and sent by email to the client, who then took care of the project implementation.

  • Living room decoration project in Ovar

Decoration project: Atelier Tangerinas & Pêssegos

Room: Common Room

Year: 2022

Location: Ovar

Illustrative elevation with location of decorative elements

For this project, our client already had some ideas and decorative objects that she would like to see included in the design of the space, but she wasn't managing to combine all the ideas.

We prepared a decoration project for this room taking into account the client's tastes and our aesthetics, which worked beautifully!

The space was well planned and optimised. We show some of the drawings presented in this project:

  • TV room decoration project in V.N.Gaia

Decoration project: Atelier Tangerinas & Pêssegos

Room: TV room

Year: 2018

Location: V.N.Gaia, Porto

For this project our client wanted to transform an old bedroom into a comfortable and cosy TV room for her mother.

The final result exceeded all expectations.

Room floor plan to scale

Before & After images of this project, kindly provided by our client

For more information about our service "Decoration project" please consult::


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