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Tangerinas & Pêssegos, design de interiores no Porto

For those who need a decoration project, without project accompaniment. With this service, one of our designers will help you transform your space into the one you have always dreamed of, incorporating your requests and your personal taste with our style and experience. The final presentation will be made online and the project will be sent via email. 

Fill out our form indicating the desired service. After acceptance, we will schedule a visit to the site for technical survey of the space and meeting with the client. In this meeting you will be able to show what your vision for the space is, pieces that you want or don't want to see incorporated in the new design. Gather all the elements that you think are most important for this first and only face-to-face meeting.



Do you have a project? Get in touch to schedule your service:

What this service does not inlcude:

- Architecture and interior design; 

- 3D views;

- Management of the ordering process;

- Production of elements designed for the space (eg curtains, fixed or mobile furniture);

- Paintings or any other type of monitoring by technicians who may intervene in the division / divisions; 

- Site visits (in addition to the initial visit);

- Final assembly;

- Any other type of follow-up;

- Changes after the online presentation. 

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