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7 singular bed headboards

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

A bed head is a structural element in a room and must be both functional and fulfill an aesthetic purpose.

In this post we will present some solutions entirely designed and produced by the interior design atelier Tangerinas & Pêssegos. Each of them was designed according to the client and the surrounding space.

1. Single headboard with horizontal reading

A single headboard for two single beds. The horizontal stripes help to give a feeling of greater spaciousness to the room. The fabric selected by our atelier harmonizes with the warm tones of the nordic pine floor in this apartment.

A good example of how color and texture help to visually fill space.

2. Contemporary and discreet

This is a good example that illustrates how a simple linen upholstered headboard can add elegance to a space.

In this room we use various pastel shades. We didn't want the bed and its headboard to be too prominent. The aim was to create a serene and relaxing environment, perfect for resting.

Design de interiores de quarto em apartamento remodelado pelo atelier de design de interiores Tangerinas & Pêssegos.
Detail of a room transformed by our team in an apartment in Porto.

3. Contemporary with an oriental touch

The overlapping of layers – upholstered headboard in linen over a mural framed by wooden bites – gives greater theatricality to the space.

A good example of how the same simple headboard presented above gains more prominence with the addition of a wallpaper or mural in the background.

Decoração de quarto, renovado pelo atelier de design de interiores Tangerinas & Pêssegos
Apartment renovation in Porto. Tangerinas & Pêssegos Interior Design.

4. Modern rustic

For this room, we designed a headboard in corrugated wood, with a light dyed finish.

The headboard itself can serve as a shelf to place books or other objects.

A wooden solution like this is a great solution for allergy sufferers.

Transformação de casa no Porto. Renovação de interiores. Design de Interiores. Cabeceira de cama rústica e moderna
"Rustic Modern" headboard.

5. Contemporary with a "Mid-Century" twist

Headboard of a bed designed by our atelier especially for this room. The detail on the sides is reminiscent of the old traditional armchairs with “ears”.

So far we have been listing examples of separate headboards for the sommier and mattress. This is an excellent example of a single bed, all upholstered in the same fabric and with a slightly higher headboard than the previous examples. In this project we needed to give greater verticality to the space.

Apartamento com design de interiores e exteriores Tangerinas & Pêssegos. Decoração de todos os espaços a cargo da nossa equipa.
Elegant room in an apartment fully decorated by our team.

6. Contemporary with a classic twist

Contemporary bed headboard with simple lines. We've added a more classic touch by adding upholstery studs in an aged finish, all around the headboard.

The printed fabric in shades of blue and white is timeless. This unobtrusive design doesn't get tiring over time.

If you like prints but are afraid to take chances, choose smaller designs. These end up not becoming as striking and are more noticeable only when seen up close.

7. "Boho" headboard

Foam headboard lined with linen, suspended on a wooden rod. Practical and functional.

Economical solution, idealized and made by us.

The wooden rod can also work as a support for scarves and necklaces, or even to hang a wreath of lights.

Cabeceira de cama realizada pelo atelier de design de interiores Tangerinas & Pêssegos. Decoradores porto
"Boho" headboard.

In all Interior Design projects the Tangerinas & Pêssegos team finds suitable solutions for the decoration/renovation of your space.


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