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Indoor plants: 9 easy care examples

Plants are increasingly an integral part of our indoor environments and a big trend. Its expressive foliage fills the spaces with color, structure and life.

If you are thinking of renovating a room in your house and, like us, you are a plant lover, find out which species are best for your decoration.

1. Hedera helix

Ivy is a climbing plant, which adapts well to indoor spaces, as long as it is placed in a light place. It is the only indigenous plant mentioned in this article. By autochthonous plant, it is understood a species that is natural, characteristic of the region in which it lives, that is, that grows within its natural limits.

Light: Indirect light

Watering: Ivy does not require continuous watering

Interior designers in Portugal
Hedera helix

2. Ficus elastica

Perfect ornamental plant to break the monotony of indoor spaces. The rubber tree appreciates heat, humid environments and frequent watering without getting wet. In hot, low-humid environments, the leaves should be sprayed regularly.

Light: Full sun, half shadow or diffused light

Watering: Frequent watering, but without soaking

Living room designed by our interior design atelier in O'Porto
Living room detail. Tangerinas & Pêssegos design

The rubber tree represented in the image has a pink coloration in the leaves.

3. Pachira aquatica

Tropical plant, very elegant and with an exotic appearance that can be kept indoors, as long as the proper safeguards are taken into account. It needs a lot of indirect sunlight and thrives in wetter and more temperate environments.

Light: Indirect light. Direct sunlight can burn your leaves Watering: Regular (be careful to let the substrate dry between waterings)

Interior Designers in O'Porto city - Tangerinas & Pêssegos.
Living and dinning room designed by our interior design atelier in O'Porto

Symmetry provided by the money trees in this bright apartment in Matosinhos City (Portugal)

4. Sansevieria trifasciata

This easy-to-care plant is ideal for those with a busy life and little time for household chores. It withstands dry air and heavy environments, needs only scant watering and grows relentlessly. Prefers places with more light.

Light: Direct sun, half shadow Watering: Water sparingly, only when the substrate is dry

Interior design in O'Porto City. Tangerinas & Pêssegos
Sansevieria trifasciata

5. Epipremnum pinnatum

This species, commonly called devil's ivy has no special requirements. It is very suitable as a decumbent plant, to breathe new life into a bookcase, partitions or even winter gardens. Prefers places with medium light and room temperature. Likes to be sprayed frequently as it thrives in humid environments.

Light: Half shadow Watering: Water moderately. In winter less.

Apartment in O'Porto city center. Tangerinas & Pêssegos design
Apartment in O'Porto city center. Tangerinas & Pêssegos design

The vibrant colors of this plant make it a great option to brighten up a shelf.

6. Zamioculca zamiifolia

Extremely ornamental plant with shiny and dark green leaves. Ideal for indoor spaces and other places with low natural light.

Light: Half shadow or shadow Watering: Water regularly. Does not like waterlogged or dryness

frames composition
Interior designers in O'Porto - Tangerinas & Pêssegos

7. Monstera deliciosa

Plant very in vogue in Interior Design projects. Its lush and luxurious foliage is very ornamental. Prefers clarity and dim light.

Light: Half shadow or shadow Watering: Water regularly, this plant cannot stand the dryness

Master bedroom. Tangerinas & Pêssegos design
Master bedroom. Tangerinas & Pêssegos design

8. Pilea peperomeoides

Chinese popular belief says that this plant brings luck. The image shows a very small specimen, but this species can grow a lot.

Light: Indirect sun Watering: Regular (once a week)

We love the contrast of this rosebush with dried roses and the Chinese money plant.

9. Senecio herreanus

This succulent plant species thrives in environments with a lot of indirect sunlight. The artistic composition of the represented wall was designed taking into account some images with flowers or plants. It's another interesting way to bring nature into our homes and also for those who aren't very good at taking care of real plants :)

Light: Environments with indirect light Watering: Water only when the substrate is dry

Frames with representations of plants
Frames with representations of plants. Tangerinas & Pêssegos design

Paintings with representations of plants or flowers are a good way to bring nature into our homes without the maintenance part.

In all Interior Design projects, Tangerinas & Pêssegos team seeks to advise its clients on the best way to take care of their plants.

Namely, taking into account the importance of choosing the right place, favorable light conditions and better containers / pots for each species.


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